Alexander Swan supporting Alzheimer's Society

Alexander Swan have chosen The Alzheimer’s Society as their Charity of the Year 2016 – 2017. It is a charity close to the heart of Director, Sarah Richards.

Why The Alzheimer’s Society?

I am a huge supporter of Cancer Charities and The British Heart Foundation. These charities totally need the level of support they already receive, and more. I have survived Breast Cancer myself, along with friends and family of mine having too battled this dreadful disease. I have also lost a friend very suddenly to heart disease so picking just one charity for the next 12 months wasn’t easy.

The Alzheimer’s Society means so much to me for reasons I am about to explain. The advert “Walk for the Man” touched my heart as I resonated with it so much. It made me think of my wonderful Nan and Grandad, whom are sadly no longer with us.

Nan was diagnosed with Dementia in 2010. My Grandad (God bless him) stepped up and cared for her until it was beyond his capabilities (and not without a fight). My Grandad Bob believed he should take care of the woman he loved and promised all those years ago to be there forher in sickness and in health. It became far too much for him and was taking its toll, so it was best for both Nan and Grandad that she go into a home specialising in Dementia. She received the highest level of care and was being looked after around the clock. This gave the whole family enormous peace of mind. Nan received the most visits from family and friends, a popular and much loved lady. My Grandad visited her virtually every day and kept on praying she would go back to her old self.

The sad truth is, there is no cure for this disease; it only gets worse. You watch your loved one fade away and the memories you once shared don’t feel like “shared” memories anymore. You attempt to jog those precious memories and are faced with blank looks causing a stab to the heart. That special connection is gone and your loved one is disappearing before your eyes. It’s like they have already gone but you are clinging onto every inch of their existence. For as long as they are still breathing there is still a chance they might just come back?

Nan passed away 3rd April 2014 and I was by her side along with a few other family members. Grandad was heartbroken and missed her deeply every day. Grandad passed away just a week after my Daughter was born on 4th September 2015. His diaries have a daily entry about how much he missed Audrey. As we all still do. They came as a package, and were the best Grandparents I could have wished for.

I am not alone to have lost someone special to this devastating disease……..

This charity needs our support. If you are lucky enough to escape cancer and heart disease, there is sadly still a chance you could end up with some form of dementia. Nothing prepares you and your loved ones for what is to come and there is still no cure. 

“Memories are precious. Make good ones, and hold onto them for as long as you can.” 

Fund Raising Projects

  • Memory walk 18th September 2016
  • Bake Sale 1st November 2016
  • For every policy we transact we will donate £1 of our proceeds to The Alzheimer’s Society 01/09/2016 – 31/08/2017
  • Various Activities by staff throughout the year

To donate, please visit our Just Giving Page