Our Fleet of Reach and Wash Vehicles 

4 Reach and Wash Vehicles

We have three Renault Trafics, and one Ford Transit Custom, all fitted with 600L Ionic Reach and Wash Systems.

Two of our vans are fitted with the Ionic Thermopure Full System which delivers pure hot water; one is fitted with the standard Ionic Full System which delivers pure cold water, and our latest addition is fitted with just a delivery unit for those able to produce their own pure water from a static system. 

Reach and Wash Vehicles

Alexander Swan, the PIONEERS of The Replacement Reach and Wash Vehicle remain ON TOP!

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Owning our own fleet, and ensuring careful monitoring of our Reach and Wash Vehicles, has given us complete control to be able to satisfy our client’s requirements during a claim. We have never let a customer down in the supply of one our Replacement Reach and Wash Vehicles and we have been providing this service since October 2008. 


We charge our clients a small annual contribution to entitle them to one of our Reach and Wash vehicles in the event of an insurance claim following their own vehicle being stolen, written off, or vehicle repairs following a road traffic accident. 

Each claim circumstance is different and many factors can cause delays to your own vehicle repairs, such as the garage having to order parts etc. A repair that should only take a few days can end up taking two to three weeks. Therefore, our vehicles become invaluable. As long as you can carry on working and earning, delays will not impact on your income.

Hiring a Reach and Wash Vehicle to our Clients

Subject to availability, we will hire our Reach and Wash vehicles to our clients at a reduced rate if they require a vehicle for an additional job, or if their vehicle breaks down.

Hiring a Reach and Wash Vehicle to Non Clients

We often receive calls to hire one of our Reach and Wash Vehicles to Window Cleaners that have been involved in an accident and don’t have a replacement water fed pole fitted vehicle. Our full price hire charges apply and again, we only hire if we have full availability for one week at a time.

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