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 Al Swan’s Top Tips

  • Check your policy. Do you know if you have the right type of policy? Is your cover sufficient?
  • If you hold sensitive data or have a company website, we recommend Cyber Liability Cover. If you suffer a cyber attack, having the correct insurance in place can be one of the ONLY ways to protect your business.
  • Beware. Cheap cover may not be so cheap when you discover you are unable to claim due to incorrect insurance.

We have access to some excellent, perfectly designed policies for small businesses all over the UK. It is well worth giving us the opportunity to review your existing arrangements, or if you’re just starting out and need extra guidance. We have found you can reduce your insurance costs by combining all your business insurance needs into just one all-encompassing policy. Whatever your requirements, we have the solution. Our product range appeals to all professions including: estate agents, letting agents, mortgage advisors, recruitment consult-ants, butchers, bakeries, and hair salons.

Office / Shop Package Policies

If your business operates from an office or shop, one of our package policies provides the protection you need should the worst happen.

Many covers are automatically included, but you specify the sums insured for the building (if required), contents, stock, and business equipment away from the premises.

We’ve been working closely with insurers to make sure that we can provide business policies which can protect your assets and keep your business trading with as little disruption as possible.

To discuss our Commercial Business products in more detail contact Sarah Richards.

Professions Combined

This type of policy is highly recommended for professional businesses where your product or service has a potential to cause a financial loss to one of you customers. The additional benefits available under this policy include:

  • Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance, also known as PI insurance or indemnity insurance, can help protect you if claims are brought against you by a client due to a problem with work you have done for them.
Our professional indemnity policies will offer cover for compensation you may need to pay to correct a mistake, or cover any legal costs due to negligence, such as giving incorrect advice or making a mistake in your work.

To discuss our Professional Indemnity products in more detail contact Sarah Richards.

  • Cyber Liability

E-risks insurance protects your business against losses arising from your use of the internet and email. It includes damage caused by viruses, hackers and electronic identity fraud.

To discuss our Cyber Liability products in more detail contact; Sarah Richards.

  • Directors and Officers

The policy provides cover for personal and other liabilities in relation to running a business for directors, officers, supervisors, managers and others.

To discuss our Directors and Officers products in more detail contact Sarah Richards.

Fleet of Vehicles

If you have a fleet of four or more vehicles, it is recommended that you cover your vehicles under a fleet policy. There is a misconception regarding this being a “cheaper” option, certainly in the first year or two.

When you are new to fleet, some insurers allow discount per individual vehicle no claim bonus. However, fleet no claims discount is calculated on the performance of all vehicles and confirmed in a document called “Claims Experience”. If your “Claims Experience” is good (low claims frequency and costs), you will benefit from additional discounts as time goes by. It is certainly easier from an administration perspective as these policies are more flexible when it comes to changing vehicles and often include open driving.

To discuss our fleet products in more detail, contact; Sarah Richards.