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 Al Swan’s Top Tips

  • Have you checked your Business Insurance lately? Do you have the right type of policy? There are so many variations of cover depending on your circumstances.
  • Do you employ people? If so, you are required by Law to have Employers Liability, and you are responsible for their Health and Safety. We strongly recommend Legal cover for added protection in the case of Employment Disputes.
  • Beware. Cheap cover may not be so cheap when you discover you are unable to claim due to incorrect insurance.

We have a passion for construction and all trades associated in this industry. Our wide selection of tailored policies available in this sector meets the needs of the plumber, electrician, groundworker, scaffolder, roofer etc.

Our significant experience in this industry and our product range ensures we can deliver in all aspects of construction and trades from a one man operation to a large construction company with 50+ employees.  

Fleet of Vehicles

If you have a fleet of four or more vehicles, it is recommended that you cover your vehicles under a fleet policy. There is a misconception regarding this being a “cheaper” option, certainly in the first year or two.

When you are new to fleet, some insurers allow discount per individual vehicle no claim bonus. However, fleet no claims discount is calculated on the performance of all vehicles and confirmed in a document called “Claims Experience”.

If your “Claims Experience” is good (low claims frequency and costs), you will benefit from additional discounts as time goes by. It is certainly easier from an administration perspective as these policies are more flexible when it comes to changing vehicles and often include open driving.

To discuss our fleet products in more detail, contact; Sarah Richards or Jade Matthews.


Public Liability

This policy provides indemnity for legal liability for:

  • Accidental death and/or bodily injury to third parties; and/or 
  • Accidental loss or damage to third party property arising out of the company’s business 

The limit of indemnity chosen applies to each and every occurrence, unlimited in the period in respect of public liability, but applying in the aggregate in respect of products or pollution.

To discuss our special window cleaner products in more detail, contact Clare Slater, Sarah Richards, or Jade Matthews.

Employers Liability

This is a basic requirement of law and provides an indemnity limit of £10m against legal liability to pay compensation for bodily injury, death, disease or nervous shock sustained by employees of the company arising in the course of employment.

Cover includes:

  • Costs and expenses in defending an action against you payable as part of your limit for this Section 
  • Compensation for court attendance £250 per person per day/£500 for directors/partners 
  • Injuries to working partners or proprietors 
  • Contractual liability 
  • Indemnity to principal 
  • Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 defence costs 
  • Data Protection Act 1998 compensation for distress to employees 
  • Unsatisfied court judgments 
  • Corporate Manslaughter defence costs £1m 
  • Injuries arising from war or terrorism but limited to £5m and further sub-limited to £1m in hostile territories being a territory designated by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office as one: 

a) to which personnel are ‘advised against all travel to’;
b) that personnel should leave having designated the territory ‘advised against all travel to’

To discuss our special window cleaner products in more detail, contact Clare Slater, Sarah Richards, or Jade Matthews.