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Al Swan’s Top Tips

  • Check your current insurance policy. Is it the right type? With so many variations, dependant on circumstances and situations it can be confusing or complicated.
  • Is Legal Cover Included? A common misconception is that this is already included. Having this can save you a fortune on legal fees in the event of a legal dispute!
  • Beware. Cheap cover may not be so cheap when you discover you are unable to claim due to incorrect insurance.


Personal home building and contents, residential let, and commercial property of all shapes, sizes and occupancy fall under this category. We have a diverse range of property risks with the ability to place even the most quirky of properties with one of our specialist panel insurers.


Home Building and Contents Insurance

We have a number of standard home building and contents facilities offering very competitive rates with additional discounts available when certain criteria are met. Give Sharon Hale a call for a quote.



For landlords both residential and commercial, including blocks of flats, and those with a portfolio of properties, we have a panel of highly competitive insurers providing exceptional cover. We are also able to offer significant premium reductions via our special facility with RSA (preferred insurer). Give Sarah Richards a call for a quote.


Non Standard Home Insurance

Properties built of non-standard construction, listed buildings, and those that have previously suffered from subsidence or flood all require specialist policies to ensure cover is adapted appropriately. Our panel of non-standard insurers offers a cost effective solution as well as obtaining the correct cover for you. Give Sarah Richards a call for a quote.


High Value Sums Insured

For those with larger properties and more than average jewellery and personal items, it is highly recommended to insure with a High Value Home policy. These policies provide much wider cover with higher limits giving you added peace of mind. We have a selection of superior policies just for you. Give Sarah Richards or Sharon Hale a call for a quote.



When a property becomes vacant, most standard home and let properties are no longer valid (usually after 30 days of un-occupancy). Therefore, in the first instance you should inform your existing insurer and depending on the circumstances they may be able to adapt the policy. However, most insurers do not accept long term un-occupancy. Therefore, if you find yourself in this position, we have a panel of insurers at the ready. Give Sarah Richards a call for a quote.



Self-build, extensions, and renovations can also be a problem under a standard policy, especially when carrying out structural work. It’s best to plan ahead, so if this is a consideration, check with your existing policy and contact us for a price on one of our specialist policies. Give Sarah Richards a call for a quote.